Club Raffle Points

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During the year, CBM awards points to (paid) members that volunteer and contribute to the club at OktoberFest, competitions, brew sessions and at meetings. Points are tallied and compiled in December and become raffle tickets to use at the annual CBM Christmas party for brewing supplies graciously donated by Jess from Alternative Beverage and great craft beer from Geoff at Custom Home Pubs and Nils with Queen City Brewer's Festival. Only current paid members receive their potential points, so be sure to pay your dues sooner than later.

Click here for Scoring Guidelines
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CBM Points Tally (registered members only)

If your name is missing, follow-up with the CBM Treasurer to ensure you've paid 2016 dues and to get the roster updated.

This tally includes club meetings and internal events at those meetings only (entries and judging). Outside competition points (Shamrock, Hickory, LCL, etc.) usually take longer to collect from the competition organizers.

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