2018 US Open

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Date of Competition: May 12, 2018

Location : The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Dates for Entry Registration: March 19 - April 30

Dates for Entry Delivery: March 19 - April 30

Dates for Judge Registration: March 19 - May 10

Cost per entry: $7.00


Register Here 


Competition Rules:

  • No entries accepted on day of competition
  • 2 - 12oz bottles for each entry
  • Bottles should be free from identifying marks such as raised lettering on the bottle
  • Bottle caps must be free of writing or label. If cap has writing or label, it should be blacked out by a black marker prior to entry
  • Shipped entries must be shipped to the shipping location specified.  Mark all shipments as "US Open Hombrewers"
  • Entries can be hand carried and dropped off at drop-off location(s) specified
  • Judges and Stewards will earn BJCP experience points.
  • Bottle labels should be securely affixed with a rubber band.



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